About GabiAcademy

The host of GabiAcademy is a smart and likeable bee named Gabi. GabiAcademy was inspired by my son and my determination to give him the best start in life by exposing him to multilingualism. My most harsh critic fell in love with GabiAcademy and I hope other children will too.
GabiAcademy was created to fulfill my dream to teach my child my native language: Polish. When my son was born, I was excited about his opportunity to learn languages in a natural and easy way since he was exposed to three languages simultaneously. My husband communicated with my son in Hebrew and I was speaking exclusively Polish to him. I never thought that learning Polish might become a challenge for him. Nevertheless, a few hours of Polish a day was not enough when we lived in an English speaking country. I was “competing” with all his peers and caregivers at the daycare who spoke English. He also watched television in English. He was submerged in English more and more. I decided to expose him to Polish learning material for toddlers. I did some research and I quickly realized that resources are very limited. There was not even one quality, child-friendly DVD to help teach young children Polish and promote positive values.
I decided to create the best language learning program for children 0 to 5 years old myself, step-by-step, with help of experts in the field. GabiAcademy is the result of my efforts. The first DVD made its debut and more will follow.

GabiAcademy promotes self-confidence, positive self-image, diversity, friendship and respect for yourself and others.