GabiAcademy - an enjoyable & rewarding learning

The host of GabiAcademy is a clever and likeable bee named Gabi. She lives in an enchanting forest full of beautiful trees, flowers, meadows and words. Gabi allows children as well as parents to get immersed in a friendly and enjoyable learning environment. With its pictorial scenery and pleasant music, GabiAcademy will be your child’s and your favorite language learning program. Gabi the Bee believes that there are no limits to children’s learning capabilities or their imaginations and so should parents. Let’s start your child’s language journey together.

GabiAcademy - a smart start for your child’s linguistic journey

GabiAcademy is a language-teaching program that utilizes children’s natural capabilities to acquire language through repetition, mirroring everyday life situations, and positive reinforcement.

  • Start from the very beginning - no prior knowledge of the learnt language required
  • All language learning sets are narrated by native speakers
  • Each DVD will focus on a particular topic. For example, the first DVD is all about food
  • In no time, foreign languages won’t be foreign anymore…your child will know words faster than you thought possible
  • GabiAcademy promotes a child appropriate environment via beautiful graphics, animations and movies

Start your child's linguistic education today!

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