Our Method

GabiAcademy understands children’s linguistic development and carefully plans its lessons to maximize learning experience. Our learning material is based on themes that children are exposed to daily in their natural environment when learning their native language: food, everyday routine, play time, family, animals, body parts, numbers, clothes, etc. GabiAcademy intends to focus on one particular topic in each lesson.
Research shows that knowledge of 250 words represents the essential core of a language, and that 750 words constitute those words that are used every day by every person who speaks a given language. Acquiring the 1000 most frequently used words will allow every learner to understand 88% of all oral speech in a particular language.
The vocabulary taught in each GabiAcademy lesson is selected based on most common words used by children when acquiring their native language as well as words frequency lists.
Every GabiAcademy lesson is divided into short 1-word themed segments to maximize children’s attention. Every word is presented in a multidimensional mode via colorful slides, vibrant pictures, fun animations and captivating videos that portray children of various ages. All of the words that are introduced are repeated throughout the lesson to reinforce recognition in various contexts.

GabiAcademy is an interactive language learning program where children are participating in Gabi’s life, learning with her, answering questions and self-checking their own progress through playful quizzes. Children become immersed in Gabi’s world of words and fun and start to speak the new language without any inhibitions.
In no time your child will effortlessly learn words and full sentences in another language. Your child will be exposed to native pronunciation as each lesson is narrated by a native speaker. Soon after engaging in GabiAcademy, the foreign language won’t be foreign anymore…parents as well as children will understand words they did not know before.
We know the best way to teach your child a new language. You know what is best for your child. Together we can give your child the linguistic adventure of their lifetime.